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Bigger Than the McWhopper: McDonald’s Leads Hunger Campaign

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015 • Category: Brands

Today, September 21, is the International Day of Peace. Organizations, companies, and brands across the world, including burger chain rivals McDonald’s and Burger King, along with several big corporations, have come together to seek donations for the World Food Programme. 

The collaboration between the burger chains began with Burger King’s public push for the McWhopper, and McDonald’s response of ‘together we could do something bigger to make a difference.’ Well, bigger this is, indeed. With the current refugee crisis, more people are currently displaced than any time since World War II. Because of this increase, the United Nations and the World Food Programme have been stretched thin and have asked for help to spread awareness and encourage people to donate. In order to do just that, McDonald’s is leading a multi-million dollar campaign aimed at promoting the United Nation’s efforts toward benefitting refugees in conflict-stricken regions. Along with other corporations, McDonald’s has paid for a spot highlighting the refugee crisis, donated TV and digital ad time in 38 countries, and donated a promoted trend on Twitter—#PeaceDay. McDonald’s CEO contacted other brands to seek their participation. In addition to McDonald’s and Burger King, brands involved in the campaign include Cargill, Facebook, MasterCard, Twitter, Google, United Airlines, McCain Foods, TBWA, DreamWorks Animation, and OMD. 

The World Food Programme plans to use the funds from this campaign to supports its emergency fund and the refugee crisis. If you are interested in making a difference on Peace Day, you can make a donation at cdn.wfp.org

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