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Google Cracking Down on Mobile Intrusive Ad Placements

Posted: Thursday August 25, 2016 • Category: Advertising

Image via Search Engine Land

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AdWords Launches Expanded Text Ads

Posted: Monday August 1, 2016 • Category: Advertising

AdWords, Google’s online advertising service, has recently announced a big change in its search engine advertising placements. The announcement earlier this week stated a new placement offering of expanded text ads. Prior to the announcement, the maximum length for text ads was a 25-character headline and two 35-character description lines. Instead of the 25/35/35, the new expanded text ads allow two 30-character headlines and a description line of up to 80 characters. That’s nearly twice as many characters! 

When creating a standard text ad, if you ended the first description line with a punctuation mark, it would move up a line and act like an extension of the headline, making it stand out over other ads on the page. The expanded text ads are designed to maximize your presence on search results, similar to how the punctuation trick did, which is important in this increasingly mobile-first world. The new update allows advertisers to create longer, more creative messaging. In addition, according to Google, advertisers may see an up to 20% uplift in CTR over existing text ads.
In order to upgrade your current ads to the new expanded format, it will take a little intervention on your part. It is suggested to create all of your new expanded ads and wait until they are approved before pausing your current ads. The AdWords Editor platform has also released an update that enables support for the expanded text ads, allowing your bulk changes to the new format to be made more easily and quickly. 
RobMark Web is a certified Google Partner with extensive knowledge in Google AdWords’ advertising services. For assistance in updating your current ads to the new expanded format or if you’re interested in starting a Google AdWords campaign to target the perfect customer, call (912) 921-1040. 
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PokeĢmon Go Benefits Local Businesses

Posted: Thursday July 21, 2016 • Category: Advertising


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Clever Ads Illustrate Blind Spots

Posted: Monday June 20, 2016 • Category: Advertising

Collisions caused by blind spots are a common occurrence. So much so that manufacturers have started to make sensors and alerts to prevent them. Though most new vehicles have these types of alerts, it is rare for the feature to be the main message of an advertising campaign.

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Product Placement and Brand Ambassador Marketing Strategies are on the Rise

Posted: Thursday May 19, 2016 • Category: Advertising

Non-traditional advertising has been on the rise over the years in attempt to reach the conditioned consumer whose habit is to tune out advertisements. Product placement and brand ambassadorships have provided a new opportunity to reach these consumers. 

Product placement is traditionally used in film and television to derive commercial benefits without interrupting the entertainment. Broadcasting & Cable reported that the “reasons for using in-show plugs varied from ‘strong emotional connection’ to better dovetailing with relevant content, to targeting a specific group.” Thanks to the rise of ad-skipping and on-demand media usage, there has been a hefty increase in the use of this strategy. According to an alternative media spending consulting firm in Connecticut, 2014 product placement expenditures were approximately $10.5 billion, increasing 13.6% year-over-year. Product placement is beginning to leak past the traditional means like movies and shows, and filter into other outlets like music videos, YouTube videos, or social media posts. 
The rise in product placement via social media has created a new demand for brand ambassadors. Influencers, usually celebrities or bloggers with a large following, are hired by brands to post about a certain product. Often these posts are in the form of native advertising, where they blend in with the content users are viewing, and are rarely directly referred to as an advertisement. Most consumers haven’t fully caught on to this marketing technique yet, which allows product placement and brand ambassadors on social media to be extremely effective in spreading a message and marketing a brand.
Next time you sit down to watch your favorite show, kick back to watch the newest blockbuster, or scroll through your social feeds, pay close attention to all of the products that may be indirectly marketed to you.
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