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Bigger Than the McWhopper: McDonald’s Leads Hunger Campaign

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015 • Category: Brands

Today, September 21, is the International Day of Peace. Organizations, companies, and brands across the world, including burger chain rivals McDonald’s and Burger King, along with several big corporations, have come together to seek donations for the World Food Programme. 

The collaboration between the burger chains began with Burger King’s public push for the McWhopper, and McDonald’s response of ‘together we could do something bigger to make a difference.’ Well, bigger this is, indeed. With the current refugee crisis, more people are currently displaced than any time since World War II. Because of this increase, the United Nations and the World Food Programme have been stretched thin and have asked for help to spread awareness and encourage people to donate. In order to do just that, McDonald’s is leading a multi-million dollar campaign aimed at promoting the United Nation’s efforts toward benefitting refugees in conflict-stricken regions. Along with other corporations, McDonald’s has paid for a spot highlighting the refugee crisis, donated TV and digital ad time in 38 countries, and donated a promoted trend on Twitter—#PeaceDay. McDonald’s CEO contacted other brands to seek their participation. In addition to McDonald’s and Burger King, brands involved in the campaign include Cargill, Facebook, MasterCard, Twitter, Google, United Airlines, McCain Foods, TBWA, DreamWorks Animation, and OMD. 

The World Food Programme plans to use the funds from this campaign to supports its emergency fund and the refugee crisis. If you are interested in making a difference on Peace Day, you can make a donation at cdn.wfp.org
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KFC’s Colonel Rebranding

Posted: Thursday September 17, 2015 • Category: Brands

Over the last few months, you may have noticed a change in Kentucky Fried Chicken’s advertising. In an effort to update the chicken chain’s image, they have ironically traveled back in time and resurrected the founder of the company, Colonel Sanders. This change comes from KFC’s new agency Wieden & Kennedy, which took over managing the brand’s creative account this past spring. In addition to the reincarnated spokesman across all media, the marketing blitz includes new menu items, store remodels, a revamped KFC.com, and a reinvented ColonelSanders.com

Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond was chosen to play the role of the Colonel, but was replaced by another SNL alum, Norm Macdonald, after a few short months. Many thought it was because the chicken chain was disappointed with its spring campaign performance, but that’s far from the truth.  “We had tremendous buzz and our sales were better than what we had expected,” said KFC Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Hochmen. The switch in spokesmen had been part of the plan the whole time; in fact, it was part of Wieden & Kennedy’s initial pitch. One of the newer spots featured both Hammond and Macdonald, in which Macdonald states he is the REAL Colonel Sanders, which made for a seamless transition.

This campaign is making several nods to the past, and whether it’s the founder and his values, the ‘finger lickin’ good’ tagline, takes on old commercialslike the 1967 lie detector ad—or The Colonel’s Mandolin Band, they are leveraging these older assets for the new campaign, and doing so successfully, we might add. KFC saw a 3% increase in sales in the second quarter and Hochman is very pleased with the campaign.
Do you think harnessing the past will continue to work for this classic chicken chain? Or do you think reincarnating a respected brand icon could do the company harm? We’d love to hear from you! 
Now we’re craving fried chicken…
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Amazon Turns 20 and Celebrates with Prime Day

Posted: Wednesday July 8, 2015 • Category: Brands

July 15 marks Amazon Prime Day! The popular e-commerce website is hosting a special event with Black Friday-esque sales in celebration of their 20th birthday. In fact, Amazon has stated that this one-day sale will be bigger than Black Friday. With Black Friday 2014 U.S. online revenues totaling over $1.5 billion, those are some bold words. This global shopping event is offering deep discounts to users in the U.S., Spain, Japan, U.K., Italy, Germany, France, Canada, and Austria, but the catch is, the discounts are only available to Amazon Prime members in those countries. 

For $99 a year, Amazon Prime subscribers are able to get free two-day shipping on over 20 million items, free same-day shipping on a million items, the ability to stream movies and TV shows, early access to select lightening deals, borrow thousands of books from Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, and more! Amazon is currently running a free 30-day trial period for the Amazon Prime services, allowing people the ability to participate in these spectacular deals. Though it may look like they are giving away the milk for free, it’s a pretty genius strategy. 
Not only will they be pushing billions of their most popular products, but they will also be increasing the amount of new Amazon Prime subscribers, in turn, increasing Amazon’s revenue in the long run. There are currently approximately 40 million Prime subscribers, and according to a study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Prime users spend an average of $1,340 a year on the site. That’s over $54 billion in revenue a year! So if this promotion is successful, it could increase their revenue drastically. 
Now, more importantly, Amazon is 20?! That makes us feel old! Amazon was founded on July 6, 1994, and sold its first book in July 1995. That’s right, Amazon used to only sell books! The website sure has evolved over the years. Will you be participating in Prime Day? Our shopping addicts on staff sure will be! 
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Delta Airlines: A Viral Sensation?

Posted: Tuesday May 26, 2015 • Category: Brands

If you have ever used the Internet, there is a good chance you have seen at least one meme or viral video.  Well, Delta has done the unthinkable and has managed to cram every Internet sensation into one video—their safety video. 

Delta is after their own Internet fame by claiming to have made the “Internetest in-flight safety video on the Internet.” The 6-minute long safety video features several Internet sensations, such as “Piano Cat,” “Double Rainbow Guy,” “Screaming Goat” and even the original Delta viral video star, Deltalina. This sensational video has already received 1.8 million views in just two days and is slowly becoming an Internet sensation in its own right. At the end of the video, you have an option to watch eight other short renditions of the video that feature several other Internet celebrities, including “I love turtles kid,” “Epic Meal Time” and the “BlendTec guy. “ The eight other versions have received a combined total of 234,081 views.  
We aren’t sure exactly what the motive was behind creating this online safety video, but we can say it is thoroughly entertaining and is probably assisting in increased brand likeability for Delta. 
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Branded Halloween Content From Oreo

Posted: Wednesday October 29, 2014 • Category: Brands

Oreo has launched an interactive campaign in the spirit of Halloween. Staged in a Tim Burton-esque lab, mad scientists at Oreo are creating “nomsters”—cute, little, delicious-looking monsters —which they are encouraging fans to name. A few suggestions for the first nomster’s name included Dunkfluffula, Count Candy Corneo, Vamporeo and Capn Fluffy Butt. The winning name, however, was Count Puffula.

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