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GranataPet Encourages Healthy Pets With Fetching Stations

Posted: Wednesday May 14, 2014 • Category: Marketing

This awesome marketing ploy from Germany has all of our favorites: creative digital strategy, innovative outdoor advertising and, man's best friend. Healthy dog food makers, GranataPet, have set up "fetching stations" in parks across Germany to encourage your dog's healthy, active lifestyle. The Snackball Machine is simple: check in using the hashtag #Snackball and the machine will throw a tennis ball to your dog. If your dog returns it to the machine in the specified time frame, he/she will be rewarded with a healthy snack. A good cause with an equally good marketing strategy. Well done!

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Smile Train Increases Fundraising with Opt-Out Option

Posted: Thursday October 17, 2013 • Category: Marketing

To those who think direct mail doesn't work: this is certainly an unconventional yet effective method. Smile Train, who we're sure you've received mail from a time or two before, is a nonprofit that provides surgeries at no cost to children born with clefts and trains. They are very aggressive with their fundraising efforts and it's no surprise that many people are turned off by their seeming bombardment of mail asking for money. So they decided to do an experiment. They sent one group a solicitation that said if they donated once to the organization, they would never be asked again. The other test group received the normal solicitation with no opt-out option. Surprisingly one-and-done group donated $22,728, while those who received a standard letter donated $13,234. Not only that, only 39% of the one-and-done group actually chose to opt-out from further solicitation. This is definitely a high-risk, high-reward experiment that looks to have paid off.

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Want a late check-out? No problem!

Posted: Thursday August 22, 2013 • Category: Marketing

Admit it - you've asked for a late check-out a time or two. There's just something about sleeping in and extending your vacation a little longer that makes late check-outs so wonderful. Besides, why do they need you to be out of the room so early anyways? Australian luxury hotel, The Art Series, took full advantage of this notion in its latest marketing campaign designed to increase room capacity. Imagine not having to check out until someone needed your room, whenever that may be. Sounds great, right? These customers agreed. Check it out.

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Baker's Doggy Vending Machine Wins at Brand Recognition and Cuteness

Posted: Tuesday April 23, 2013 • Category: Marketing

In today's "feel good" marketing story, British dog food company, Baker's, has created a doggy vending machine which it has placed in a London park. If the doggies fetch the ball and put it in the right slot on the machine, they are rewarded with a sample of Baker's food. It's a win win for everyone! We get to watch a video of cute dogs playing and Baker's gets to watch its brand recognition increase. Watch the cuteness below. Via Brandflakes for Breakfast

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