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McDonald's Introduces Creepy Brand Mascot "Happy"

Posted: Tuesday May 20, 2014 • Category: Brands

When you're McDonald's, there's a lot you can get away with. A terrifying children's mascot may not be one of them. As part of its rebranding efforts to make its Happy Meals healthier, the company introduced a mascot aptly named Happy with a photo on its Twitter yesterday. The character is in the shape of a Happy Meal box and has eyes, arms, legs, feet and the creepiest smile ever. McDonald's describes Happy as "a new animated Happy Meal character that brings fun and excitement to kids’ meals while also serving as an ambassador for balanced and wholesome eating." As you can imagine, the Internet has not held back its mixed opinions. If it's buzz that McDonald's was trying to create, they got it. Then again, we aren't the target audience...kids are. Still, try falling asleep with that image in your head. What do you think of the new McDonald's mascot? 

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Taking It One Holiday at a Time: Nordstrom's Refreshing Thanksgiving Policy

Posted: Thursday November 21, 2013 • Category: Brands

While most big department stores are setting up shop for Black Friday earlier than ever this holiday season, one is bucking the trend and keeping the Thanksgiving tradition just that, a true tradition. Nordstrom is celebrating Thanksgiving by keeping a holiday all its own, not some afterthought in the race to be the first to claim the Christmas sales like many of its competitors. In addition the store being closed on Thanksgiving (the entire day, mind you), they are not playing any Christmas music or putting up any Christmas decorations until November 29, the day after Thanksgiving. Some stores put their decorations up weeks ago! Signs like the one below were posted at the stores to remind customers that they're taking it one holiday a a time. What do you think of Nordstrom's Thanksgiving policy?

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Nike Celebrates 25th Anniversay of "Just Do It" Campaign

Posted: Wednesday August 28, 2013 • Category: Brands

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its famous "Just Do It" slogan, Nike released an interesting compilation video with humorous commentary from actor, Bradley Cooper. Simple yet effective,you could argue that the slogan is one of the most recognizable slogans of today's brands. This video serves as a refreshing summary of what is undoubtedly an untouchable part of pop culture. The video, appropriately called "Just Do It - Possibilities" also incorporates today's notable athletes and from various sports as well as the average Joe Schmoe to symbolize the universal reach that this slogan has. Watch below.

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